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"The poor students won’t be able to do their work because they have no Internet access. Thus, they’ll do more poorly in school, perhaps not even graduating. Their lack of education will most likely keep them poor. The cycle of poverty.

But who cares about them when a library could get a sexy 3-D printer and attract some DIY techies. It all comes back to the question, just what is a public library for? Should a library start focusing on wants when it can’t even fulfill needs?”

The Annoyed Librarian is the pseudonymous librarian that most “cool” and “hip(ster)” librarians love to hate. But once in a while the guy (or gal) actually gets it. This here is certainly a question I would often ask myself as well when it comes to issues of poverty and online access inequality. Unfortunately, in the profession, it is one of those questions that is not popular to ask (or if asked, you may not like the answers if you have some empathy).

The quote comes from “Needs Before Wants, or Vice Versa?

For my non-librarian friends, the question of what libraries are for— do they give people what they need or what they want— is a common one, hotly debated, and often given as a “thought” exercise in library schools. It is not always an easy answer, but for some issues, like this one, the answer really should be a no-brainer.

This is a new adaptation of Sherlock Holmes from New Paradigm Studios. The main characters are re-imagined as African Americans in contemporary New York City’s Harlem district. Watson, a veteran of the Afghanistan campaign, is a doctor working in an inner city clinic. Holmes is a very eccentric private investigator who takes strange and unusual cases.

You can read my full review of this excellent work on my blog. Click the link below to check it out.

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Oh joy! Just a little humor. Feel free to add your own jokes.

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Yvonne De Carlo

Check out those shoes…

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That is one serious pair of shoes. Yvonne De Carlo always one of my favorite old time dames.

Click the link to read my short review of this classic comic. 
Review link:

Click the link to read my short review of this classic comic.

Review link:


There’s a Satanic Coloring Book for Kids - more pics.

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And it looks a heck of a lot better than other “wholesome” books for kids out there.

There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written. That is all.

Oscar Wilde (via cleispress)

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Very true. So read on. Read a lot. Read broadly.

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Live all you can: it’s a mistake not to. It doesn’t matter what you do in particular, so long as you have had your life. If you haven’t had that, what have you had?

Henry James, The Ambassadors (via bookmania)

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Not a big fan of Henry James, but the guy could turn a word now and then.

A little humor for the Halloween season.

A little humor for the Halloween season.

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John Oliver takes down pumpkin spice. A little seasonal humor.